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Dethronement of Gods (feat. Gaz King of Nexilva)

by Osiah

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Dethronement of Gods, is the debut single from Osiah's Upcoming album; (title to be announced) coming early 2016.


(I held the world)
In my hands, betrayed, by the Gods; of man.

Nailed to the altar, of his demise.
The sharpened blades tear into his skin, where will they begin?

It matters not his skin will heal cause in hell nothing can die.
The demons all laugh as they pull the skin from his face.
Raping his cranium.

Intentions to;

Lure the Son of God to betrayal
"No one gives a fuck about you, so, Embrace salvation"

Lead the legions of Hell,
Lead the legions of Hell.

I'll bring you, face to face with God,
I'll bring you, revenge.
I'll bring you, face to face with God,
Ascension through blood, hematophagia.

-Gaz King: Guest Vocals

I've driven the song of God to the point of insanity,
His weak pathetic mind is easy to addle,
And now he's broke he will be mine to manipulate,
And he'll bring terror to the gates of Heaven.

The clouds will be stained in blood, forming a grim red glow at night, from the angels with their wings torn from their backs.

Mans hope,
(Mans hope)
It's sealed
By my hands,

Betrayed, by Satan.

Karmas a fucking bitch,
His guilt weighs more than my fists,
Like father like son, compassion is weak, my job is done.

I've drank the blood of Gods.

God, damned his world.
God, damned his world.


released November 20, 2015
Guest Vocal: Gaz King

Music Mixed & Mastered by Andy Mallaby and Meyrick de la Fuente, at Floodgate Audio;



all rights reserved


Osiah Sunderland, UK

Vocals: Ricky Lee Roper
Guitar: Rownan Tennet
Guitar: Chris Keepin
Bass: Andy Mallaby
Drums: Bradie Nixon

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